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Changes to driving licence rules in Spain

By 11th April 2024 No Comments

Spain prepares to implement a sweeping change to its driving licence regulations, following recent European Parliament legislation.

The European Parliament has endorsed a regulation that will soon alter the driving landscape in Spain.

This pivotal move will increase the types of vehicles that can be operated by holders of a Category B driving licence, the most commonly held licence in Spain.

Expanded licence privileges
Under the forthcoming rules, Category B licence holders will have the opportunity to drive vehicles with a weight of up to 4,250 kg, provided these are either motorhomes or electric vehicles.

This adjustment is designed to acknowledge the heavier nature of electric vehicles, particularly due to the weight of their batteries.

However, to take advantage of these new provisions, drivers must have held their licence for a minimum of two years.

Previously, the weight limit for vehicles, specifically those powered by alternative fuels and designated for goods transport, was capped at 4,250 kg.

Additional vehicle access
Moreover, the Category B licence will still permit the operation of motorised tricycles and quadricycles, as well as mopeds.

Notably, after holding a licence for three years, individuals can ride a 125cc motorcycle if they successfully complete a specific training course which is yet to be introduced.

The licence also extends to the driving of tractors and agricultural vehicles. Additionally, it covers the operation of vehicle combinations comprising a towing vehicle and a trailer with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 750 kg, as long as the total authorised mass does not exceed 4,250 kg.

The General Directorate of Traffic states that getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Spain is ‘a credit granted by society to the driver that can be lost as a consequence of repeated offending behaviour.’

This perspective underscores the balance between privilege and responsibility that defines driving in society.

With these changes, the landscape of driving in Spain is set to transform, reflecting broader shifts towards inclusivity and sustainability in vehicle regulation across the European Union.

Source:- euroweeklynews.com