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New Cars will be Safer from July

By 4th June 2024 No Comments

The European Union has imposed new regulations on road safety, which adds a total of 8 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) devices to the current regulations.

Over the last few decades, the European Union has been introducing different regulations in order to improve car safety. This has forced manufacturers to incorporate different security systems.

The regulations came into force on July 6, 2022, and the European Union has decided to introduce an increase in new mandatory safety technologies in all new vehicles launched on the market from July 2024.

The 8 ADAS that new cars must have from July 2024:

Fatigue and drowsiness detector (DDR)

This is a device that notifies the driver when it is detected that they have lost concentration behind the wheel, whether due to fatigue, sleep or other causes, as its name indicates. Once it detects little activity behind the wheel, a warning light of a steaming cup appears on the dashboard.

Intelligent speed assist (ISA)

This ADAS is one of the most relevant in terms of road safety. In this case, the car incorporates a camera in the front part of the rearview mirror, so that it reads the traffic signs on the road.
The information reaches a control unit, which will determine whether it is necessary to reduce the speed or not, based on the data obtained through GPS.

Cross traffic alert (RCTA)

This is a system that analyses rear traffic in a transverse direction when reversing, as may occur in a parking lot. Thus, when the presence of either a vehicle, a pedestrian or a bicycle is detected, it emits a sound to warn the driver.

Black box (EDR)

It is a device similar to the one installed on airplanes, which is located under the driver’s seat. Registers a total of more than 15 parameters.

Lane departure warning (LDW)

This system is responsible for controlling the position of the car in the lane, and warns the driver when it involuntarily leaves the lane without using the turn signal.

Emergency braking system (ESS)

It helps detect the exact moment where the vehicle in front of us is performing emergency braking. This avoids a collision and reduces the effect of the range. The warning is carried out through rapidly flashing lights.

Ignition inhibitor with breathalyser

New cars that go on the market starting in July will have a starter inhibitor with a breathalyser. It is a device that detects the level of alcohol that the driver has in his or her body through the exhaled air.

However, the European Union has indicated that it will be up to each country to determine the situations in which this system will be mandatory.
Seat belt alert

This system, as its name indicates, reminds all passengers in the car of the obligation to put on their seat belt. If you travel a certain distance or exceed 25 km/h without the driver wearing the seat belt, the device will emit an acoustic signal that will increase in intensity until the driver fastens it.

Source:- N332